How to create a container and upload files to AURO
Posted by Matt Czajka, Last modified by Matt Czajka on 08 April 2016 01:32 PM

Using Object storage in Auro is very easy, and can be done through your Auro control panel. With this you can upload files for storage, or to call via URL. Initially, you will need to create a container, which is akin to a "Folder" where the files are stored. You can create multiple containers to help manage your files.

Firstly, go to the "Containers" section in your Auro control panel, which is located under "Object Store" on the left.

From here, click on "Create Container" to name the container and set the access to either public or private. Setting the access to public allows for a publicly accessible URL, which would allow anybody with the URL to download that file.

Once finished, you will have a container showing its access rights, number of objects, and size of objects on the disk. Next, simply click on the "Upload Object" button at the top right of this container.

From here simply add the name of the file you would like this referenced as in your container, and choose the file from your computer. This will update your container details, and show the newly uploaded file. You can then download this file, or view it using the container URL (if the container is set to public).

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