How to generate your SSH Key
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An SSH key is necessary to access any instances in AURO, and is a very secure way of accessing servers remotely.  The SSH key has two parts.  The Private key, which you should be very careful of and never give this out to anyone. The Public key is what is attached to instances and is what you can forward to other server administrators, which will grant you access to instances, so long as you are using your private key that is tied to that public key.


Think of the Private Key as a regular house key, while the public key is a door lock, however you can give out copies of that door lock to your neighbours which will let you open their doors using your key.


First, from the AURO dashboard, go to "Access & Security" on the left. Then click on the "Key Pairs" tab.


Here you can generate your key pair.  Click on "Create Key Pair" and in the box that opens, input a name for your key, this can be anything.


Now you should see a page saying "Download Key Pair" which automatically downloads the .pem file which is your PRIVATE key, or there is a download link.


You now have your private key!  You can now select the name of the key when creating an instance, and then login to your instance using that key.  Or this can be used to decrypt your Windows admin password.

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