Upgrading Volume size in AURO
Posted by Matt Czajka on 08 April 2016 01:33 PM

Expanding Volume size in AURO is easy and allows you to retain all of your volume data, while expanding the overall storage capacity of your volume.

To proceed, feel free to follow along with these steps:

1. Detach the Volume from your instance. This can be done by going to Volumes in AURO and to the right of the volume going to More > Edit Attachments and from here clicking "Detach Volume". This will complete in a couple minutes.

2. Once Detached, go back to More > Extend Volume in order to extend the size of your volume to your desired storage limit.
Note: You cannot decrease volume sizes.

3. Once complete, simply go back to More > Edit Attachments to re-attach the volume to your instance.

4. On the instance itself login via ssh for the following steps, remount the volume into the instance using:

sudo mount <device> /media/<volume name>

The device and volume name should be the same as when you first created and attached this volume to your instance.

5. Finally, resize the volume on the instance (if using ext2, ext3, or ext4 file system) using the following command:

sudo resize2fs <device>

Once the above steps are complete, the volume should have additional storage, and typing the following will show your updated volume size:

df -h
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